Making Peace with Broken Pieces 

It is commonly said that life has its ups and downs. It’s commonly said that everyone goes through trials and tribulations throughout their lives; it is also said that these predicaments serve only to make you a better person. I’m pretty sure that you can think of many more phrases that communicate a similar idea. And I’m also pretty sure that if you’re ever been through a rough patch in your life then you know that these phrases are easier said than done.

The question that we always ask ourselves during storms is why me Lord?

Why is this happening in my life? Why now? What did I do to deserve this?

Most of the time we end up in different predicaments because of our own doings but other times predicaments arise that are out of control. The overall goal of each predicament is to show us that something is wrong in our lives and that we need to evolve before we are elevated to the next level. Failures or losses should not be seen as negative experiences, they should be seen as positive experiences because they teach us valuable lessons and help us to grow. These valuable lessons will allow us to evolve into the individuals that God has destined us to become. As long as we treat each setback, trial, tribulation and/or predicament as an opportunity for growth rather than a white flag of defeat then we will be able to attain that which we are ordained to.

But I know that it is easier said than done to keep such a progressive outlook on that which is perceived to be negative such as a loss or failure. Sometimes we will have moments of pain, disbelief and doubt but I want you to know that it is perfectly okay. It’s perfectly okay because you have father in heaven that is a rock in the fast waters of life. I want you to know that it is okay to feel like you’re not good enough sometimes because your creator is always good enough. It’s okay if you feel like you’re not good enough to continue on your journey as long as you remember that you can do all thing through Jesus Christ. It’s okay to doubt yourself as long as you don’t doubt the power and love of God.

But more importantly, it’s okay to acknowledge that you are hurting and that you are in pain. It’s important to acknowledge that you’re hurt because that is the first step towards healing and progression. It is important to not only acknowledge that you are broken but that you also need help. Even though weakness is frowned upon in society, we were not created to live a life of loneliness. The lone fact that Eve was created to be a companion to Adam is enough proof that we are social creatures who are made to help each other. We all have periods in our life where we have felt weak and that is completely acceptable. Acknowledging that you are not perfect and that you are in need of help is not weakness, it is strength. It is strength because to acknowledge that one is in need of help is to possess the ability to assess one’s own capabilities and humbly one’s self. To be able to do such things is a display of strength because if it was not then everyone would be able to do it.

An interesting story that displays the strength of those who are able to assess their own abilities and humbly themselves is as follows. Judas and Mark are both new employees at Bank of America. They both have the same level of education and qualifications but Mark is not afraid to be perceived as weak to get stronger  and Judas is afraid to be perceived as weak. It turns out that both individuals are charged with a task and both individuals are deeply confused by the task. Judas is afraid to look weak so he refuses to ask for help and tries to figure it out all on his own while Mark asks his colleagues for help and they are able to assist him. When their boss returns to check up on them, he is deeply impressed by Mark’s work and commends him for the strength that he displayed in asking for assistance while he is disappointed in the fact that Judas did not show the same strength as Mark and tells him to redo his task. By refusing to ask for help and be perceived as weak, Judas actually became weak and materialized his greatest fear by trying to do everything by himself. The beauty of this example is that Judas reached out to his boss and Mark for help. By humbling himself and truly becoming strong, Judas was not only promoted at his new job but he also evolved as an individual.

In this scenario, the boss is equivalent to God, Mark is equivalent to those that believe in him and Judas is equivalent to those who do not. Similar to Mark, those who believe and call upon God shall be granted strength to overcame temptation and other obstacles while those who do not will undoubtedly fail. In the same light, those who learn from their loss or failure will be given the same treatment because God is a forgiving being and we are all made stronger through his name.

On a different note, a couple of communities just weathered through Hurricane Harvey and Irma. Even though these communities were left devastated and heartbroken, they are still there. Not only are they still but they will heal despite setback that naturally occurred to them. Just as natural disasters come and go, so the trials of life. And sure, they might leave you devastated and to a detrimental point where hope is almost nonexistent. It is important to know that just like the communities that were affected by the hurricanes, you have caring and loving neighbors that are there to pick you up when you are down. It’s important to know that you have strong neighbors who have weathered similar hurricanes who can help you to weather your own hurricane as well.

It’s important to know that just like how houses are built stronger after one notices the faults that lead to its destruction during the hurricane, you too will become stronger by virtue of weathering the storm and noticing ways to improve your life while also acquiring your goals. So even though you may be experiencing your own personal hurricanes in your daily lives, please remember that the common phrases about bouncing back from failure are relevant because their true. And even though these phrases are easier said than done, they are still possible and if anyone can achieve the impossible then it must be a strong individual such as yourself.



Until next time,




And Blessings  💞


4 thoughts on “Making Peace with Broken Pieces 

  1. This speaks to me. It’s so so so hard when you’re in a huge vast sea of being swamped with feelings of failure. You’re kinda like that mini boat just wandering but with constant waves of negative emotions rocking you side to side. I’m still learning to navigate with failure and come to terms with it too. I find going out and interviewing people about failure somewhat comforting and speaks to me in a more relatable manner. I’ve put them up on my blog if you ever need a pick me up yourself (, but apart from that, try not to get too thrown. Although you might get shipwrecked, at least you might end up at a pretty island. With a cute dog.

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    1. Thank you so much and I’ll definitely check out your blog. Be strong though 💞


  2. Uncommon Commoner October 11, 2017 — 12:11 pm

    It’s been a while since I’ve read one of your post and that’s because every time I read one, it normally hits very close to home. I’ve known you for quite sometime now and I know that this one is really close to home for you too. Trials and tribulations may come and we face them head on with heads held high. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, believe that. Be strong, stay great!

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  3. by being vulnerable and sharing your struggles, you’ve also shared a very inspiring message. i love the metaphors you picked to illustrate your thoughts. throughout high school, my dad always reminded me that it’s okay not to be okay sometimes 🙂 keep thinking, keep writing, keep sharing – your blog is always a pleasure to read!


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