A key sound in the word complacency is the word ‘play’ but yet life is not simple game. It is not a game because it cannot be easily played. It’s not like a ball that you can pass or bat that you can swing. It’s more like breathing if anything. Life is comparable to breathing because the concept of respiration is a guide as to who we should live our lives. We should think of the good times as inhalation in the sense that it is like a breath of fresh air and think of the bad times as exhalation like it is a breath of stale air.

Inhaling is extremely beneficial until the oxygen is sucked of all its nutrients. Once it is sucked of all its nutrients and is transformed into carbon dioxide then it is no longer beneficial to us. Once the transformation is complete, the air that was once beneficial becomes detrimental. And if we hold on to the staleness and detrimental nature of Carbon Dioxide then we too shall become a detriment to ourselves. This system of respiration may be compared the different obstacles and battles that we will encounter throughout our lives. When these dilemmas occur, we inhale but rarely do we exhale them when they become stressful and a detriment to ourselves.

We tend to hold on to our problems and overanalyze them to the point where we are robbing ourselves of joy and happiness. We tend to play with our predicaments and problems but we have no chance of winning such a game. The only think that we have control over is our actions and reactions, that which concerns ourselves. We do not have authority over anything that does not concern so it is pointless to stress about it. If you are constantly stressing about something then there is a strong chance that you have no control over it or you would have fixed the problem initially. If you have no control over it then why play with it and bring unnecessary stress upon yourself.

Learn to live with the mindset that you can only control what pertains to you and even that mindset should be limited in the sense that God is the ultimate controller of one’s destiny. Learn to live a life in which you seek to be at constant peace rather than constant turbulence. Learn to live a life that mimics the respiration system because that is how you will truly be free. Do not become complacent when you choose to play with the different predicaments and obstacles that will be present in your life.

Do not become so complacent that we forget our dreams and desires. Sometimes we get so complacent that we forget our purpose in life. Growth is hindered when it makes complacency its wife. Instead, learn to perceive your obstacles like the process of respiration. Just like the process of respiration, they’ll come and go. And you will begin to live your truest life as long as you remember to exhale the stress and inhale the fresh smell of possibilities.


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  1. This is encouraging Eashwayne H


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