Major Bag Alert #KeysToPositivity

To be a 100% honest with you, this year has been a really rough and introspective year thus far. I have had to make choices that I thought that I would never have to make, I have had experiences that have shaken my very core and I have acquired new knowledge that has enhanced my perspective on life. One of the most important lessons that I learned and applied in my life this year is the power of attraction. I have become a firm believer in the theory that that you attract that which you radiate in life so if you radiate negativity then you will attract negativity while if you radiate positivity then you will attract positivity. The basic notion behind this theory is that your input determines your output. It is for this specific reason that I have taken steps this summer to bring more positivity in my life by controlling my input in both a spiritual and mental sense.


Spiritually, I was born and raised in the Christian church so I have a firm grasp of the Judeo – Christian ideology. Since the beginning of my summer break, I have begun to read the Bible more and I actually have the app that provides a different bible verse each day. Not only do I read a different verse each day but I also start off my morning by listening to Gospel music during my drive to work. By reading a scripture a day and listening to Gospel music, I am able to control the spiritual input in my life which keeps me grounded. As my belief in God increases, my worldly stresses and problems begin to decrease and I am less bothered by that which is not essential such as jealousy of material possessions or the negative habit that I use to have of comparing myself to others. My input was bible verses and Gospel music which lead to the output which was a more stress-free, purposeful and grounded life. While everyone may have a different route to spiritual enrichment, controlling your spiritual input is essentially because it is a core factor of your identity that will eliminate a lot of negativity in your life.


An example of a bible verse that has grounded me and helped me to be positive is:

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” – Philippians 4:13


This scripture grounds me because it gives the assurance that God is always there for me and that I can always count on him. With this knowledge, I am empowered throughout my decisions, actions and endeavors.


Another core factor of your identity that should be fed positivity is your mind. It is so easy to contaminate our mind with negative music, words and pictures that only serve to bring negativity in our lives. After all, it is easier to focus on the negative rather than he positive which is what most of us end up doing. But the mind so powerful in the sense that your input truly determines your output and if you tell yourself that you are going to be great then only greatness will come as a result. A lot of us wonder why we attract negativity but the contamination of our mind with negativity is the main reason that we fail to attain our dreams and aspirations. To combat this, I have stopped following most celebrities and/or gossip pages and instead follow pages like Goalcast which provides daily motivational, inspirational and thought provoking messages. Instead of wasting hours on social media outlets such as Instagram and watching Netflix, I use those hours to read a new book such as The New Jim Crow or have a stimulating conversation with my friends. By feeding my mind with positivity, I am able to live a more positive life since I lack negative influences and ideas. While this is not an easy task, it is very important to control the type of messages that our brains interpret since that is the one part of your body that controls your perspective, aspirations, goals and essentially your life.


A video that accurately represents power of attraction is:


Another video that was impactful for me in my journey of draining negativity from my life was:


Even though the last video is specifically about gossip, I believe that it can be applied to all aspects of our life as most of the stuff that we allow to stress us will most likely fail the Triple Filter Test because it is neither true, good or useful. Negativity itself would fail the test since it is neither good or useful. Overall, I am still trying to figure out how to live my most positive and best life so I am not an all knowing Guru. But it is my hope that as I share some things that are helpful along my journey that it will help you as well on your way to a happier and more positive life.

Until next time,



and Prosperity….

– Ainsworth H

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