The Veil of Success


Most people have a fairytale version about success,

They believe that they will live happily ever after when they are successful.

These individuals believe that success is the equivalent to happiness.

They believe that if one is successful then they must be happy,

Or that if one is successful then their life must be perfect.

It is from this perspective that the veil of success is founded upon.


The veil of success shrouds those who are perceived to be successful,

It aligns such a person with a fairytale character.

It makes individuals seem happy even though they may be sad,

It makes them seem energetic even though they might be drained,

It makes them seem perfect even though they might be struggling,

It enables one to break down inside without anyone realizing,

It enables one to become suicidal without anyone noticing,

It forces one to never show weakness because everyone else is depending on them,

It forces one to be charismatic and confident even when they feel like crawling in a hole.

In essence, the veil of success shrouds everything that does not correlate with society’s fairytale version of success.


But the worse part is that most people at some point have fallen victim to the veil,

Most people at some point have assumed that someone has a perfect life just because they are successful.

Most people forget that even though someone might be successful,

That they are still human beings at the end of the day.

They might be happy most times but they are not happy all the time,

They might need help sometimes but one would never know because of the veil.

I guess what I am trying to say is that,

Never compare your life to anyone else’s life.

Everyone has their own struggles and no one’s life is perfect.

Don’t judge a book by the cover because there might be some damaged pages inside.

Never fall victim to the veil of success because often times,

Those are the people who may need your help the most.


Success is not a bad thing and I am not trying to say that it is,

I am just saying that success can be bad if one forgets that a success human being is still a human being at the end of the day.

If you’re successful then it is okay to not hid behind the veil,

And one should not have to hid to begin with.

And that I think is the most important lesson about the veil of success is that it attempts to shroud a human being.

No one should ever forget that.


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